5 Tips For Taking Better Photographs

by robbennett01


Whether you’re an amateur or doing it professionally, there should always be more ways in which you can learn and grow as a photographer. Camera technology advances and our life experiences open us up to new styles of photography constantly. It’s up to us as photographers to make the most of what is out there and make sure our portfolio is constantly growing and evolving. Here are 5 great tips to help you take better photographs today:

1) Get to know your camera – It’s a really good idea to spend some time going through the camera manual and learning about everything your camera can do, and what affect all these functions have on your photography. You may just discover a fantastic function that opens your eyes to a whole new style of photography! It’s also worth knowing how to change the function of your camera quickly, preferably without looking at what you’re doing. If you can learn to focus on the art rather than the technology then you should begin to capture better photographs.

2) Always shoot in high resolution – Adjust your camera’s settings so that it always captures photographs in the highest possible resolution with high quality. High resolution images are much easier to crop and edit digitally later; whereas low resolution images don’t have enough pixels and can lose most of their focus and crispness with editing. Obviously high resolution images use a lot more memory space than low resolution images so you’ll need a fairly decent sized memory card.

3) Take your camera everywhere – Make sure you’ve always got your camera with you as you never know when the opportunity for a great photo will arise. Having your camera with you at all times will mean that you’ll start to actively look for great shots and take lots more photographs than you normally would. This will ultimately lead to you becoming a better photographer.

4) Get back to nature – One of the best photography tips is simply to get outside. Make the most of natural light during the day; and go outside at night to photograph various things under the cover of street lamps and moonlight. Night time makes for some interesting and unique shots so it’s well worth having a few night time photographs in your portfolio.

5) Review your photos – Regularly take a good look through your own portfolio and pick out photographs that really work, and keep doing what you’re doing. If you have some shots that didn’t quite turn out as expected then use them as a learning curve and try similar shots again with different lighting, different functions on your camera etc to see if you can achieve the desired result.