What To Look For When Purchasing A Digital Camera

by robbennett01

ImageWhether you’re making the leap from film camera to digital camera or just looking to replace your existing digital camera with a newer model then there are several things that you may need to take into consideration. Firstly consider what you intend to use the camera for; a professional photographer or serious amateur will be looking for different things in a digital camera than someone who will mainly be using the camera to snap pictures of the family holiday and the kids’ birthdays. Once you know what the camera’s intended use will be then you can start to think about the features that you need to look out for:

Battery – Digital cameras are available with either a rechargeable lithium battery or replaceable batteries such as AA. Rechargeable batteries may work out more cost-effective in the long-term but replaceable batteries can be convenient when you’re out and about, so it’s important to weigh up where you’re likely to be using your camera.

Megapixels – Generally speaking, the higher the number of megapixels, the higher the image quality when the image is printed out.

Zoom – An optical zoom magnifies the actual image, whereas a digital zoom magnifies the megapixels within the image. Most basic point and click digital cameras rely heavily on digital zoom. The further you zoom in digitally, the more blurry and pixellated the image becomes. It’s recommended that you always go for the best optical zoom that you can afford within your budget.

LCD Display – A larger LCD screen on the rear of the camera will help you to focus your shots better and review images once you’ve taken them. Some cameras also come with a touch-screen LCD display which some people may find easier to use.

Card Compatibility – It’s important to establish what types of memory cards are compatible with the camera. If it takes micro SD cards then you’ll need a micro SD adapter in order to view the files on your computer.

Functions – Bear in mind what you want to use the camera for and look out for different functions such as image stabilisation, panoramic ability, face detection, auto settings, macro mode, low-noise processor etc.