The Photo-Sharing Phenomenon

by robbennett01

ImageIn recent years it seems the world and his dog has decided to take up some form of photography. We’ve seen a surge in the amount of photos being taken and shared, but what’s behind this trend? 

Technological advancements in the late 90s meant that the cell phone really took off, and it wasn’t long before the camera phone was introduced. No longer did you have to lug a big heavy camera around with you just in case a photo opportunity arose. With a camera incorporated into your mobile phone you could kill two birds with one stone! Make calls on the go and capture images quickly and easily wherever you were!  As if that wasn’t enough, along came mobile internet connections. Suddenly all these photos we were taking on our mobile phones could actually be sent to people via email and the newly-emerging Facebook. We took this new advancement in technology and ran with it. Phones came equipped with better and better cameras, more megapixels, and bigger memory. And then when we least expected it: BAM! The dawn of the smartphone.  The smartphone has truly revolutionised the way we connect with people. By the time Apple launched its first iPhone in 2007, social media had begun to take off in a BIG way. Facebook now has over 1 billion active monthly users, while Twitter has over 500 million registered users. Smartphones and the introduction of 3G superfast mobile internet connectivity meant that we were suddenly able to access our Facebook and Twitter accounts wherever we were much more easily.  A picture paints a thousand words. Why bother updating your Facebook status to tell your 346 ‘friends’ that you’re eating a cupcake when you can photograph said cupcake with your 6 megapixel smartphone camera and post it straight to Facebook within seconds? In addition to sharing photos as part of the general social media we use, there are now social sites wholly dedicated to the sharing of photos. Flickr, Snapchat and Instagram have taken photo sharing to a whole new level and I for one can’t see this trend of photo sharing ceasing any time soon!