How To Keep Your Camera Steady Without A Tripod

by robbennett01

Ask any photographer and they’ll tell you that to get the clearest, most focused shot you need to keep your camera steady, and the best way to do that is with a tripod. That’s all well and good but who wants to carry a heavy tripod around with them everyday ‘just in case’? Here are some top tips to help you keep your camera steady when you’re out and about with your trusty tripod:


If your camera or lens has an image stabilisation setting then make sure you turn this function on, it will really help you to achieve a steadier shot.

Zoom out and get closer to whatever you’re trying to capture; any slight shake in the camera will not be as noticeable if you haven’t had to zoom in too much.

Press the shutter gently, slowly and steadily; keep pressing it until just after the shot has been taken so as not to jerk the camera mid-shot.

Brace the camera against something such as a wall or fence that you can rest it on. If you’re not near to anything that you can lean on then bring your arms close to your body to steady them, or crouch down and brace your arms against your knees while you make the shot.

Prop the camera on something such as its strap, bag or a purpose-built small beanbag and use the self-timer on the camera to avoid shaking it by pushing the shutter button.

Alter the shutter speed of your camera so that photographs are snapped much quicker, meaning that you don’t have to keep the camera steady for as long to get a good shot.

Moving your shot to somewhere with better lighting can also help you to capture a clearer photograph.

If all else fails then just enjoy the freedom of being able to move around with your camera and change the angle of your photos without having to adjust a tripod!