The latest portrait photo

by robbennett01

cass watching tv

cass watching tvThe latest portrait photo

Cassian engrossed in watching TV, probably Cbeebies or The Gruffalo….two great favourites of his, although I think I know the words to every CBeebies song on every show now! I think it is amazing how quickly they grow up. One minute they are blobs that can’t do anything for themselves and then the next thing you know, they are walking, talking and becoming little humans. The first few months are so excruciatingly hard……no sleep, endless nappy changing, constant exhaustion… know what it is like, I’m sure. And then suddenly it starts to change. They start to respond, smile at you, ask for hugs. Then it becomes even more rewarding as they start to crawl, then stand up and side step, then walk. It all seems to happen very quickly. When speech starts to form, that’s when they really start to become interesting and funny too. “What does a cow say?” “Moo” says Cassian. “What does a snake say?” “Ssssssss” says Cassian. “What does a dog say?” “Ooof oof” is the response. Little things, but such a noticeable difference from even just a few months ago which make all the sleepless nights worthwhile. Oh, he’s still not sleeping that well…teething now….again…..but he just makes life worth living. I love being a dad. It’s easy taking portrait shots of him now. He just loves the camera!